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Passport Information

Who needs a PASSPORT BOOK?
Anyone traveling outside the borders of the United States by AIR, LAND or SEA.

 Who needs a PASSPORT CARD?
A passport card is only good for traveling to Mexico, the Caribbean and Canada by land or sea.   A passport card cannot be used to FLY to any location.


  • Complete an Application    -   May be Obtained at our office or online at :  travel.state.gov
  • Passport Photos    -     May be taken at Boone's Photography, Wal-Mart or CVS
  • Supporting Documents   - Long Form Birth Certificate (Raised Seal)  or an Original Naturalization Certificate
  • Fees    -    Check, Cash, Money Order or Debit/Credit Card  (There will be an added processing fee when paying with a card)

When Filling Out the Application

  1.  Use BLACK ink only.
  2.  If you make a mistake, draw one line through it.   Example:  John Doe  
  3. DO NOT USE WHITE OUT.   Application will be voided if white out is used.

Additional Information

Children 15 Years & Younger:   Parents Listed on the Birth Certificate must appear and sign application. Child must be present.
Children 15 Years & Younger:   If one parent is missing, they must fill out Form DS-3053.  Child must be present.
16 – 17 Years of age:   One parent must appear and sign application.
16 Years and Older:   will be charged adult fees.

A Child Passport Book or Card is valid for 5 Years
An Adult Passport Book or Card is valid for 10 Years


REGULAR PASSPORT BOOK  (Travel by Air)                                EXPEDITED PASSPORT BOOK (Travel by Air)
Return Takes 16-18 Weeks                                                                      Return Takes 10-12 Weeks
Child     $ 115.00                                                                                              Child     $ 218.91
Adult     $ 145.00                                                                                             Adult     $ 248.91

PASSPORT CARD (Driving or Walking Only)        EXPEDITED PASSPORT CARD (Driving or Walking)
Return Takes 16-18 Weeks                                                                      Return Takes 10-12 Weeks
Child     $ 50.00                                                                                                 Child     $ 136.35
Adult     $ 65.00                                                                                                Adult     $ 151.35

REGULAR PASSPORT BOOK & CARD                                             EXPEDITED PASSPORT BOOK & CARD
Return Takes 16-18 Weeks                                                                     Return Takes 10-12 Weeks
Child     $ 130.00                                                                                             Child     $ 233.91
Adult     $ 175.00                                                                                            Adult     $ 278.91


Carla Cannon, District Clerk

P: 806-291-5226

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